Our Programs

Our programs were created to cater to the local communities, both rural and urban. We serve a diverse people, from rural youth to ex-offenders and unemployed university graduates. Our purpose is to strengthen and educate the youth of South Africa.

Our Programs

Our programs were created to cater to the local communities, both rural and urban. We serve a diverse people, from rural youth to ex-offenders and unemployed university graduates. Our purpose is to strengthen and educate the youth of South Africa.

Saint Gobain Academy

Since its inception in 2016, Saint Gobain YouthBuild Academy has trained and impacted 350 young people’s lives from disadvantaged communities in the construction industry. More than 10% of this youth are youth with hearing impairment. This partnership with South Africa’s division of the world’s largest supplier of construction materials the French company Saint Gobain made this possible.

This partnership over the years has fought youth unemployment, built up self-confidence, encouraged entrepreneurship and “UBUNTU” by giving back to communities through upgrading community infrastructures particularly those of schools in underdeveloped communities.

Saint Gobain academy
Saint Gobain

The Saint Gobain YouthBuild Academy delivers holistic training for a young person in the construction industry. The training offered by Saint Gobain Youthbuild Academy provides technical training and accreditation by the Construction Seta which translates to the students receiving an industry recognized qualification in NQF LEVEL 3 Ceiling and Partition Installation.

The program has encouraged many young people to venture into entrepreneurship. One of our successes is a business that was established by two of our participants who started “BLF Interior Doctors. Their business specializes in Ceiling, Dry Wall, Tiling, Painting, and Maintenance. We are encouraged by such growth, and we hope it inspires others.

YouthBuild Alternative High School

YouthBuild South Africa together with Youthbuild International and Oak foundation have partnered to support youth between the ages of 17 – 29 to complete their matric (Grade 12). The program is based in Soweto Orlando East.

The program started in the crux of Covid – 19 when a lot of young people started to see a decline in their academic performance due to the uncertainty around their academic year and the pressure to perform well.

The program targets youth currently in Grade 12 and those that are improving their results for Physical Science and Mathematics.

saint gobain academy
YouthBuild Academy

Youthbuild South Africa understands its role in youth development surpasses that of academic excellence and it goes beyond supporting with academic subjects. Enrolled students undergo additional training in Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Work -Readiness and leadership training. Classes for students are conducted daily, students get access to the facilities for studying, conducting research and consulting with tutors.

The program has yielded great results and restored confidence in the youth especially when it comes to fighting the stigma around science and mathematics.

Faranani Infrastructure

Through this program YouthBuild mobilizes young people who are not in education, employment or training to improve their lives and their communities. The program is supported by the Trevor Noah Foundation’s Khulani Schools a flagship initiative which invests in teacher training, learner skills development, and development of infrastructure to enable thriving communities through education.

Through Khulani schools, YouthBuild and Faranani projects facilitate a 12-month School Infrastructure Development Project for 100 young people in Braam Fischerville, Soweto. The project finds its expression on the Presidential Youth Service objectives which are to provide opportunities for young people to give back to their communities and contribute to nation building, while improving their employability.

Farani Infrastructure
Hilton YouthBuild

National Youth Service

Through partnership with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator NPC funded by Tshepo 1Million YouthBuild implements a National Youth Service program (NYS) in Soweto, Orange Farm and Durban. The program is part of the Presidential Youth Service program that aims at enabling youth who are Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) with opportunities of skills development and personal growth.

The program focusses on providing young people with the opportunity to give back to their respective communities and make a difference by serving 16 Hours, weekly, with Skills they have acquired in their lives and in return gain a new skill that will equip them with experience and better opportunities. The skills and knowledge developed will lead provide an opportunity for the youth to have a fresh start in life. The participating youth receive additional training in Life-Skills, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship Training and Work- readiness.

National youthservice project
National Youth Service image

Hilton YouthBuild

YouthBuild and Hilton foundation are partnering on a workforce training program to prepare 30 youth between the ages of 17 – 29 years for placement in the tourism and hospitality sector. The program is located in the coastal tourist attraction city of Durban.

The training program is part of a comprehensive YouthBuild model and is also aligned with the skills and employment demands in the hospitality and tourism sector. In June 2019 YouthBuild, Hilton Hotel in Durban and Thekwini TVET College conducted a robust design process that led to the birth of the training program in Durban. The training program targets youth who are enrolled for the NCV program in Hospitality and Tourism at the eThekwini TVET College Cato Manor campus. 

The program started in September of 2020 and the selected participants undergo a vigorous mental toughness training program to prepare them for the program. YBSA moulds the young minds through a holistic youth development approach to develop effective habits and values that would assist them in the workplace.

Hilton Hotels facilitate the Passport to Success training for the youth by providing core skills, guidance and competencies required by the Hospitality & Tourism industry. Through the cooperation of local businesses within the Durban region we are able to place youth on a work integrated learning experience in different areas within the Hospitality industry.

Hilton youthbuild
hilton youthbuild

Stories From The Field


“YouthBuild has taught us that, ‘What we feed our brains is what we become.’ Being part of Hilton YouthBuild has helped me deal with my anger from traumatic experiences.

Currently I am placed at Musgrave Avenue Guesthouse for work integrated learning. I have polished my communication skills as I deal with guest. I am gaining a lot of insight interacting with foreign guests which helps me understand other people better as my goal is to travel the world and work abroad.”

– Precious Letsoma

“I am Bonginkosi Mdunge. I am grateful to be part of YouthBuild South Africa because it has helped me pave a clear path for my goals. I have learnt how to construct a CV and cover letter. I have learnt interview etiquette, which I applied when went for my interview for work integrated learning organized by YouthBuild.
Before I joined YBSA I was short tempered and angered easily. YBSA has equipped me with skills on how to deal with my emotions. I apply these techniques at Villa Le View where I am placed. Thanks to YouthBuild South Africa for the opportunity.

– Bonginkosi Mdunge