Building the Youth
of South Africa

YouthBuild South Africa (YB-SA) mission is to inspire and support youth of South Africa in particular youth who are not in education or employment or training to become patriotic citizens with positive attitudes; and prepare them for sustainable opportunities that transform their lives. YB-SA is a Charter Member of YouthBuild International and is committed to support youth to become skilled, productive and contributing citizens.

Over 58% of South Africa's youth are unemployed - the highest youth unemployment rate in the word. Social and economic challenges prevent our youth from reaching their potential.
YouthBuild collaborates and builds partnerships with the private sector and Government and Civil Society organizations. It's these partnerships that make our programs so successful.
YouthBuild has a strong focus on vocational and employment training, providing our young people with counselling and support to help them succeed and achieve their dreams.

Proven Practices

YouthBuild’s model is time-tested and widely adapted. It’s rooted in the principles of positive youth development. At its core, PYD approaches our youth as assets rather than problems or deficits to society. We consider the unique potential of each and every  individual, with a strong belief that young people have abilities that can help them grow.

This belief forms the base of our respect for young people. The principles of PYD have been distilled into six core principles: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Caring, and Contribution. YouthBuild embodies these six “C’s” with passion.

Our goal is nothing more or less than to provide the youth of South Africa with educational instruction,  vocational training, service learning, leadership development, counselling, and healthy lifestyle training.

Our Programs

Our programs were created to cater to the local communities, both rural and urban. We serve a diverse people, from rural youth to ex-offenders and unemployed university graduates. Our purpose is to strengthen and educate the youth of South Africa.


Saint Gobain Academy

The Saint Gobain YouthBuild Academy delivers holistic training for a young person in the construction industry and provides technical certification and accreditation.

YouthBuild Team

Faranani Infrastructure

The project provides opportunities for young people to give back to their communities and contribute to community and nation building, while improving their employability.


National Youth Service

The program focusses on providing young people with the opportunity to give back to their respective communities and make a difference by serving 16 hours every week…

YouthBuild Team

Hilton YouthBuild

YouthBuild and Hilton foundation are partnering on a workforce training program to prepare youth,  17 – 29 years old, for placement in the tourism and hospitality sector…

“YouthBuild has really helped me a lot in changing my life... Being part of YouthBuild helped me improve my communication skills and taught me to take responsibility.”

Nonhle Mkhize,
Graduate, Co-founder and Director of NSN Unique Ceiling & Drywall

Nonhle Mkhize YouthBuild Graduate

Get Involved

YouthBuild Learners and Teachers Posing Outside


YouthBuild is dedicated to creating a positive, bright future for the youth of South Africa. Your contributions help turn dreams into reality for all our young students, graduates, and program leaders. Be part of a better future, today.

Get In Touch

There are many ways to get involved with YouthBuild. We have several programs for volunteers who want to get involved with helping our youth learn and grow. Whether you want to donate or participate, reach out to us today.